Terms & Conditions

Practical Details

Several types of vehicles are available to accommodate group needs according to the number of people in the group and places to be visited. Our fleet includes 4WD Toyota Land cruisers (or similar), minibuses, and Coaster buses.

All domestic flights are handled by Ethiopian Airlines. However upon the guest request we arrange Charter flights with helicopters, for medical evacuations, film crew, VIP services and trip to Dankile Depression to visit Earta ale.

Accommodation in Ethiopia varies greatly in quality and service. We will do our best to meet your comfort and budget needs during your stay, based on availability. Reservations are recommended, particularly during tourist high seasons (June – September and December – January).

Camping may, on occasion, be included in the tour itinerary. Camping materials like tents, sleeping mattresses, sleeping bags and blankets, tables, chairs, cooking materials, etc. may be supplied upon request.

Meals are generally the responsibility of the guests, though we will provide assistance in selecting quality dining establishments. While camping in remote areas when no public eateries are available, a professional cook and cooking supplies may be supplied upon request.

Guiding services are given by our professional and experienced tour guides in English. Official local guides are always recommended, as they are proficient in the history, culture, and customs of each location. Guides speaking languages other than English may be available upon request.

Visions of Ethiopia Tours realizes that its customers have a wide range of interests, comfort-levels and budgets. Visions of Ethiopia Tours is therefore proud to provide fully-customizable and individualized itineraries and package options. A number of sample itineraries are presented to the customer, but it must be emphasized that Visions of Ethiopia Tours will work with each group to meet their travel needs and expectations.

As each tour itinerary and package will vary from group to group, please contact Visions of Ethiopia Tours to discuss the costs of your tour request.

Making a Booking

  1. 25% upon confirmation of the tour.
  2. The balance of 75% 30 days prior to the commencement of the tour.


Cancellation by the client

Any cancellation by a client must be made in writing and acknowledged by Visions of Ethiopia Tours. The date on which the letter is received by the company or its agents will determine the cancellation charge applicable. Cancellation charges are as follows: -

Cancellation by the tour company

The company reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason, but will not cancel a tour less than 25 days before departure except for force Majeure, unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside the company's control. When a tour is cancelled by the company the client may choose between a full refund of all monies paid or any alternative tour offered by the company.

Prices & Surcharges– Visions of Ethiopia Tours

Quoted tour prices include planning, handling and operational charges and are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes as of the date the quote is received. Visions of Ethiopia Tours reserves the right to increase tour prices to cover increased costs, tariffs and taxes, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.

Authority on Tour– Visions of Ethiopia Tours

At all times the decision of the company’s tour leader or representative will be final on all matters likely to endanger the safety and well being of the tour. The client must at all times strictly comply with the laws, customs and foreign exchange and drug regulations of Ethiopia. Should the client fail to comply with the above or commit any illegal act when on the tour or, if in the opinion of the tour leader, the client’s behavior is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others we may terminate that client's travel arrangements without any liability on the company's part.

Factors Outside the Company’s Control (Force Majeure) – Visions of Ethiopia Tours

The company will do its best to minimize the effects of matters outside its control but cannot accept any liability for these matters which include political disputes, industrial action, delayed or cancelled flights, unforeseeable climate, road blocks, landslides, natural disasters, etc.

Local Conditions

Due to political and cultural differences, as well as generally tougher physical conditions, travel to the areas we visit involves risks other than those we take in our daily lives. It is also the client’s own responsibility to acquaint himself/herself with all possible relevant travel information, including their own External Affairs Office and any other sources available to him/her. It is important that clients make themselves aware of the risks involved and are responsible for making their travel plans accordingly.


The client appreciates and acknowledges that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and should allow for alternatives. The outline itinerary as given for each tour must therefore be taken as an indication only of what each group may accomplish and not as a contractual obligation on the part of the company. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances.

Travel Documents

The client accepts responsibility for obtaining all valid travel documents, including a valid passport and all visas, vaccination certificates and insurance policies. Any information or advice given by the company on visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, etc. is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the company.


Visions of Ethiopia Tours assumes that all clients have valid travel insurance. It is the client’s responsibility for obtaining sufficient personal travel insurance. The client is willing to accept full responsibility for insurance up to limits that the client may require. This insurance should cover personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, repatriation expenses and evacuation expenses. It is strongly recommended the coverage be extended to include cancellation, curtailment, loss of effects and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the client. When obtaining travel insurance the client must ensure that the insurer is aware of the type of travel to be undertaken.

Responsibility & Liability


  1. If immediate transportation is needed (such as in the case of onward travel arrangements),Visions of Ethiopia Tours will assist the Client(s) in arranging alternative transportation, at the expense of the company.
  2. If the tour is delayed,Visions of Ethiopia Tours will reimburse the Client(s) for additional expenses related to food and board, up to a maximum of 150 Ethiopian birr/person/day for each delayed day.

Claims & Complaints

If a client has a complaint against the company the client must first inform the tour leader or company representative whilst on the tour in order that the leader/representative can attempt to rectify the matter. If this does not resolve the complaint, the client should contact the company directly by telephone. If satisfaction is still not reached through these means then any further complaint must be put in writing to the company within 30 days of the end of the tour. The company will not accept any liability of claims received after this period.

Optional Excursions

Optional excursions do not form part of the tour or contract. It is understood and accepted by the client that any assistance given by the tour leader or representative in arranging such optional excursions does not render the company liable for such optional excursions.

Unused Services

There will be no discounts or monies refunded for missed or unused services, including voluntary or involuntary termination due to sickness, death of a family member, or for any other reason.

Successors and Assigns

These Terms and Conditions shall ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the company and the Client and their respective heirs, legal personal representatives, successors and assigns.