Enkutatesh -Ethiopian New Year

Enkutatesh (New Year Celebration)

It is the celebration of Ethiopian New Year which falls every year Meskerem 1st (September 1st Ethiopian Calendar) or September 11th or 12th (Gregorian calendar) depending on the leap year.

Ethiopian New Year (Enqutatash) is one of the pre-eminently celebrated festivals of all. Marked on Meskerem 1st of the Ethiopian calendar or September 11th of the European Calendar. It is an Ethiopian holiday shared among people of all religions and almost all cultures throughout the country. It is a season where the three months heavy rain ends and the sun comes out. Daisies blossom all over the mountains and fields change into bright yellow, which is a major eminence of the holiday. It is a period when the old bless the young and the young hope for new prospects, which New Year brings about.